I'd been going to the gym for a few months and had started to lose motivation when Jason approached me one day and asked if I'd like a free PT trial session. Always up for a freebie, I agreed but was adamant I was not going to sign up. However I loved that first session. Jason was really encouraging and I left feeling really positive. So I signed up, and five months later I haven't regretted that decision for a second (ok, maybe mid-session when I'm exhausted there might be the odd second when I wonder what on Earth I'm doing there!)


Since training with Jason my self-confidence has grown immensely. He intuitively knows how far to push me (always further than I would have pushed myself!) and always makes the sessions challenging but enjoyable. There's plenty of variety in the sessions and we laugh a lot too. Jason gives me lots of praise and encouragement. I really look forward to the sessions. I have noticed that since training with Jason I have also pushed myself a lot more when training alone, as now I know not to give up. I've had the confidence to go to classes at the gym too, without feeling like "the fat one at the back."


Jason has advised me about my diet and it turns out that I actually wasn't eating enough calories. So I've altered my calorific intake and I've continued to lose weight, but most importantly my body shape has totally transformed. I've had to throw out EVERYTHING in my wardrobe and replace it with smaller sizes. Family, friends and colleagues have noticed and most remarkably, the pupils at the secondary school were I teach have said things like "Miss, you're looking so slim today" and "Miss, how fast can you run 5k?" It's lovely to know that they see me as a fit and healthy person now. 



Im finding the words to express how I felt today at the gym is proving impossible!  To put this into context I have just reached my goal weight and have never felt fitter, healthier and happier.  I would never have achieved this without the help of Jason Barnes (personal trainer). 


I challenged Jay back in October to "sort my body out" but in the process he has not only stepped up to the mark (I am now in my first ever pair of skinny jeans)but he has totally changed the way I think about diet and exercise.  He is knowledgeable, professional, funny and fit, he seems to know just how far to push you to gain the best results.  He is a natural motivator, every step of the way he is there offering support, guidance, encouragement and always with a smile.  When you think your goals are out of reach he picks you up and makes you believe in yourself. 


I really cant thank him enough.