About Me

I’m Jason,   I have been married to Sarah for 28 years and have three daughters and two cats.  I have been involved in the Transport and distribution industry for most of my adult life with a successful business career.  


Most people may be surprised to learn that I wasn't the sporty kid at school.  I was probably always the last one picked for the team, I wasn't interested in exercise, and didn't feel I would ever be any good at it.  In my 20’s I dabbled with trying to lose weight and with some degree of success, but never managed to stick at it.  In my early 30’s, I was quite overweight and decided to do something about it.  Thats when I really started to make progress and take the time to understand about the relationship between nutrition and fitness. I made myself a 12 week promise,  I made myself goals and changed my own body.  Not only did I change my body, I changed my life.  I was never going to be overweight again. I adopted a whole new set of habits which set me on a new course.  This it where I got really into my fitness, and realized that anyone could change their body, and what an impact it could have on many aspects of their life.


In 2011 I emigrated to Australia, but missed many aspects of the U.K. so decided to come home.  I decided not to return to the industry that I knew so well, but made the decision to change the course of my career and get involved in something I really had a passion for, Fitness.  I wanted a job that was rewarding,  a job that I was genuinely interested in, that I loved doing and where I could help shape peoples lives. 


I had been training friends for years, but decided in 2013 to take an officially recognized qualification, so I could train people legally and professionally.  I wanted to turn my passion into my career.